The Admission and Registration Center is one of the College’s academic support centers, which is responsible for ensuring the application of the rules regulating the teaching process in the College, as comprised in the Academic Regulations of the Colleges of Applied Sciences. It is responsible for monitoring the academic progress of students from their admission to the College until their graduation, while providing related data and statistics. In addition, it is in charge of preparing timetables, administering the registration of students in courses, and contributing to the final exams with invigilation schedules, exam statistics, etc.  



The Center’s Aims

  • Achieve a high quality of service.

  • Activate SIS and make sure of its effectiveness and confidentiality.

  • Apply academic bylaw of the Colleges of Applied Sciences.

  • Help students in completing graduation requirements in the specified period through applying strategic solutions for academic problems.

Academic Programs

  • Bachelor of Design Program.

  • Bachelor of Information Technology Program.

  • Diploma Program.

  • Foundation Program.




Foundation Program Prospectus


Academic Regulations for the College of Applied Sciences