Admission & Academic Follow Up Section:  
1.     Organize admitted students’ files at the beginning of each academic year.
2.     Participate in the orientation week through lectures on academic regulation’s bylaws and the center’s responsibilities and roles.
3.     Register admitted students in the Foundation program through SIS according to their results in the placement test.   
4.     Provide academic departments with lists of admitted students.
Results and Levels:
1.     Print a result statement for each course that has been entered by the academic staff members to be reviewed and signed.
2.     Receive detailed course results.
3.     Send final GPA via e-mail each semester.
4.     Prepare statistics and reports on final results.
5.     Identify and follow up failure and under probation cases.
6.     Prepare lists of graduates.
7.     Prepare lists of outstanding students.
8.     Fill in study plans and ensure that graduates complete graduation requirements successfully at the end of each semester. 
Study Plans: