The Department of Admission and Academic Follow-up. It specializes in the following:


1. Participation in the Admission Center’s support committee.

2. Completing the students’ admission and registration procedures, and receiving the files of the students admitted to the College.

3. Keeping the students records and documents, and maintaining their confidentiality.

4. Distributing the Foundation Year students in groups according to their levels, in collaboration with the Department of English.

5. Issuing student ID cards.

6. Completing the drop-and-add and withdrawal procedures.

7. Finalizing procedures for students transferred from one college to another or from one major to another.

8. Preparation of admission and registration statistics.

9. Providing the department of Administration and Finance, and other centers, with details and statistics relating to students.

10. Providing students with information and data related to programs and degrees.

11. Notifying students exceeding the absence limit stipulated in the academic regulations statute.

12. Ensuring Follow-up on all students under academic probation.

13. Providing necessary data for the academic advisor to assist students accomplish registration procedures.

14. Coordinating the implementation of College Academic Regulations, and proposing any modifications thereunto.

15. Providing students with transcripts, certificates, authentications, and any other necessary documents.

16. Issuing transcripts and other documents pertaining to graduates.

17. Preparing lists of graduate students and ensuring that they meet graduation requirements.

18. Proposing organizational procedures regarding graduation, and participation in organizing graduation ceremonies.

19. Managing the Student Information System (SIS).

20. Overseeing the communication processes with students through available means.

21. Any other duties assigned to the Department.