CAS- Policies





   CASP001- Student Academic Grievance Policy

   CASPP001-Student Academic Grievance Policy Procedures


   CASP002- Students Non-Academic Grievances Policy


  CASPP002-Students’ Non-Academic Grievance Policy Procedures


  CASP003- Student Academic Conduct  Policy

CASPP003-Student Academic Conduct Policy Procedures

   CASP004-Student Non-Academic Conduct

  CASPP004-Student Non-Academic Conduct Policy Procedures

   CASP005- International Students Exchange Policy

  CASPP005_Internationl Student Exchange Policy Procedures

   CASP006- Plagiarism Policy

   CASPP006 - Plagiarism Policy Procedures

   CASP007- Academic Advising Policy

   CASPP007- Academic Advising Policy Procedures

  CASP008- External Examiner Policy (1)

  CASPP008-External Examiner Policy Procedures

  CASP009- E-Learning Policy

  CASPP009- E-Learning Policy Procedures

   CASP10- Academic Programs Development and Review Policy

  CASPP010-Academic Program Development and Review Policy Procedures

  CASP011- Teaching and Learning Policy

  CASPP011-Teaching and Learning Policy Procedures


 CASPP012-Student Placement Policy Procedures

 CASP013- Intellectual Property Policy


  CASP014- Faculty Recruitment Policy

 CASPP014-Staff Recruitment and Retention Policy Procedures

   CASP015- Faculty Conduct Policy

 CASPP015-Procedures of the Behavior policy of faculty members

  CASP016- Faculty Evaluation Policy

  CASPP016- Faculty Evaluation Policy Procedures

   CASP017- Staff Grievance Policy

 CASPP017- Faculty Grievances Policy Procedures

   CASP018- Research Development and Innovation Policy

   CASPP018- Scientific Research Policy Procedures

   CASP019- Workload Policy

CASPP019- Workload Policy Procedures

  CASP020- Quality Assurance Policy

  CASPP020- Quality Assurance Procedure

  CASP021- Risk Management Policy

  CASPP021- Risk Management Policy Procedures

  CASP022- Documents Management Policy

 CASPP022-Information Management Policy Procedures

CASP023- Assets and Infrastructure Policy


CASPP023-Buildings and Facilities Management Policy Procedures

CASPP024- Policy Management Policy Procedures


CASP025- Health and Safety Policy



CASPP025- Health and Safety Policy Procedures


CASP026- Communication Policy

CASPP026- Communication Policy Procedures

  CASP027-Academic Degree Award Policy

   CASP027 Academic Degree Award Policy Procedures

    CASP028  Service and System Management Policy  and Procedures 

  CASP029 Policy of the Board of Trustees and the Academic Council