Computer Section 


The Section is responsible to provide Computing services in the College. Its tasks are as follows:


·    Network management


·   Computer maintenance


·    Software provision


·    Training


·     Academic support for students and academics



Intranet Username:


Each student, teacher and staff member has his/her own username and password that allow him/her to have access to the local intranet. They are also provided a storage area (3 GB for students, and 7G for academic and non-academic staff), so they can save their files on the local network and access them without having to refer to their own computers.


The username enables the user to connect to the wireless network of the College and use the Internet service anywhere in the College.



The Printing Service


Each student can print a maximum of 450 pages per semester. When students use color printing, each colored paper is calculated as 4 black-&-white papers. Printers are available in most labs and can be accessed through the printer server on the network.

Printers are also provided in all teachers’ offices.


Technical support Services


The Computer Section offers technical support services to academic and non-academic staff from 9-11 a.m. every day. It also offers technical support to students by allocating 3 hours per day (one hour in each office). The technical support for students includes; assistance in the preparation of the wireless network, user name and password change, emails, and any other form of technical assistance.



Software Provision


During each semester, the Computer Section communicates with Heads of the Academic Departments to identify their needs of Hardware and Software.  The Section then installs programs needed for the semester. The Section also oversees the distribution of courses in computer labs according to the software available in each lab.


 Computer laboratories


Computer section supervises 18 computer labs. Each computer lab has 30-33 computers. In addition, there are two open access labs, one for male students and one for female students, with colored and Black/White printers in each lab.





Training services are among the important services offered by the computer Section.  The Section provides training for IT students through specific workshops offered during the semester. The Section also provides one-month training workshops for Computer and IT students from different colleges and universities of the Sultanate.



Licenses for Operating Systems and Software


The Section is keen to use licensed operating systems and software. All available operating systems and software have an educational license of one to three years depending on their type. Update is  done periodically as required. The Section also uses some open source operating systems and software as well as freeware software as needed by the courses. Windows, Mac, Linux Operating Systems are available in the computer labs.


Maintenance and Replacement of Computers


In order to keep up with changes in the technological world, get the latest versions, and support the students in their learning process, physical computers are replaced every 4-5 years. Computers are also maintained regularly. Each laboratory is checked every day (7-8 a.m.), and all classrooms are maintained between semesters. 


The Backup and Restore System


Computer section established backup system for the data center and disaster recovery system. Also, some of the data are stored in the Ministry, for example: library data and student information system.


Electronic Mail (E-Mail)


E-mail is a means of formal communication on-campus. The Section creates an email for each student, employee and faculty member. The user must comply with the professional practices in maintaining the integrity of the information and security while using e-mail.


Terms and Conditions of Use of College E-mail Service




The Internet


Computer Section provides a fast Internet service for users. This service is provided from two ISPs. It allows the user to browse and download online material for educational purposes only. The Section also uses some software to monitor the usage of the internet.


Wireless network Service


The Computer Section provides a wireless service to users. The wireless network covers all College buildings and the female hostel


VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure)


Users can access college computers remotely from home or anywhere in the college using the Android / iOS mobile and all devices connected to the College wireless network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, using desktop virtualization technology (VDI), The user can also access these devices from outside the college.

1. From inside the college

The user can use the wireless network to access the devices by clicking on the following link (Firefox browser is recommended):


2. From outside the college

Users can also access labs’ computers from outside the college via the following link (Firefox browser is recommended) :


Accessing laboratories’ computers from inside and outside the college  (attached  a file )

Open sources FOSS lab


This lab is the result of a memorandum signed between the Ministry of Higher Education and the Information Technology Authority to support open source software in the Sultanate. The memorandum aims to organize cooperation between the two parties to work together to raise awareness about FOSS through courses and workshops and provide specialized training to support the use of these Software.