Components of the Foundation Program.


1) English (4 levels):


A - B - C – D

Students of levels (A - B - C) cannot fail more than once during the Foundation Program, whereas, in case of failure, they can repeat for the second time at the same level, or at another level and given a chance to take a Challenge test during the academic two years (4 semesters) to pass the Foundation Program in the following periods of each academic year:

The beginning of the first semester - the end of the first semester - the end of the second semester.


2) Mathematics (2 Level):


FPMA0800 Basic Mathematics

The second level is as follows:

Applied Mathematics for Business Students FPMA0901 Applied Mathematics

Pure Mathematics for IT Students FPMA0902 Pure Mathematics


3) Computer (2 levels):


Level 1: FPCS0800 Skills Basic Computer

Level II: Advanced Computer FPCS0900 Advanced Computer Skills