General Requirements Department


After the change from a College of Education to a College of Applied Sciences in 2008, the Department of General Requirements (GR) was formed during the Fall Semester. Since then the Department has grown gradually merging members from Communication Specialization .

The GR Department plays a vital role in equipping the Foundation Year students with Fundamental Mathematics, and in enhancing the knowledge of the First Year students in Islamic culture, Mathematics, Communication Skills and Arabic. 


Under the leadership of Ms Intisar Al Sawafi- HoD of GR, Master’s Degree holder in Professional Communication and Public Relations from UQ University in Australia, the Department continues to collaborate with other departments to carry out the various activities undertaken by the college.




Prepare the students for various majors programs by providing them with sufficient knowledge in Mathematics, Arabic Skills, Communication.



As a department, our vision is to introduce students towards a self-sustained learning system. We aim to give them knowledge in mathematical and analytical skills, communication skills and research oriented studies so that the students can perform well in their respective majors.



  1. Provide the community with a generation capable of interacting positively with the  demands of contemporary life in local and global communities.

  2. Enable and empower students to communicate effectively in Arabic and English.
  3. Enhance their critical thinking skills for a better understanding of themselves & their  society.
  4. Equip them to thrieve in a world that is marked by diversity, change, and complexity.


study plans


 Study Plan for Accounting 2017


Study Plan for Banking and Financial Services 2017


Study Plan for Business Administration 2017


 Study Plan for Hospitality Management 2017


Study Plan for Insurance Specialisation 2017


Study Plan for Marketing 2017


Study Plan for Supply Chain Management (SCM) 2017


 Study Plan for Tourism Management 2017


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