Human Resources Section


It is in charge of managing the data of the Omani and expatriates staff, organizing the holidays, sorting vacancies and the other human resource management systems.


Responsibilities of Human Resources:  


  • Set Professional Development Plan for staff members.

  • Execute Professional Development Annual Plan.

  • Execute beginning of work procedures.

  • Finalize medical checkup procedures.

  • Enter leaves and beginning of work details into the Financial System.

  • Issue official duties and training courses’ decisions.

  • Issue “to whom it may concern” certificates.

  • Prepare  an employment contract for each employee.

  • Open a file for each new employee.

  • Arrange with related bodies regarding the issuance of the free medical card.

  • Arrange with Public Relations Department regarding settlement procedures.

  • Give furniture loans.

  • Arrange with Public Relations Department regarding the issuance of staff
      members’ families’ visas and renewal of residence.







 Academic upgrade                     


Staff Handbook                          


CAS Exective Bylaw                      


 Patipating in conference                      


 Leaves  Law                    

 اللائحة التنظيمية للتأهيل والتدريب خارج السلطنة

scholarshipتعديل قانون البعثات

 قانون البعثات والمنح والاعانات الدراسية   





اللائحة التنفيذية لقانون الخدمة المدنية        

تعديل قانون الخدمة المدنية

 قانون الخدمة المدنية



   Civil Service Bylaw    




 Labor Law           




health Care الرعاية الصحية


إخلاء الطرف Clearance


استمارة مهمه رسميةOfficial Mission


الإجازاتLeave forms


Routine EmergencyE xceptiona lPatient Attendant leaving Form

Taking Leave for Hajj  Accompanying spouse  Study Maternity

unpaid leave form 



التذاكر والتعويض النقدي  Travel Tickets


المشاركة في مؤتمرPatipating in conference


مباشرة العمل  Post –Leave Job Resume