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IT Program


The Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) degree is a 4 year 128 credit hour program taught in English, designed to produce graduates who are competent in their major disciplines, as well as IT in general: graduates who are ready to be involved in the development of Omani industry. As the name "Colleges of Applied Sciences" suggests, our students are exposed to significant practical work and, where possible, linkages with Omani industry are being developed and exploited.


The BIT program contains a core of main stream IT courses which have exposed our graduates to the concepts and topics about which all who work in the IT field should be familiar. Typically: web design and development; software design and implementation; information systems analysis and design; operating systems; networks; database; IT security; professional ethics; and such analytical courses as discrete mathematics and data structures. IT is a fast moving field however, and so space has been left in the program which can be filled with the innovations of the time: ensuring our graduates are aware of the latest IT trends.


Graduates of the BIT will be intellectually developed; have advanced knowledge and practical abilities in a range of IT fields; be able to work in a team or unsupervised; will have advanced problem solving skills; will pursue lifelong learning; and will have multidisciplinary and multicultural perspectives. They can expect to find employment in small businesses and large organizations alike, as well as the opportunity to pursue further study overseas.



BIT majors:


The majors of the BIT convert our students from those with general IT knowledge and skills, into graduates with in-depth understanding and practical abilities in their chosen field. The students develop greater independence of thought and action through project work, and are exposed to state-of-the-art equipment, concepts, and terminology.


Software development pushes the students understanding of abstract concepts through advanced data structures and the latest software innovations. Graduates of this major will be experienced in both procedural as well as object oriented languages, and a full year project is undertaken in conjunction with a course on software project management. Electives such as concurrent programming, computer graphics and artificial intelligence challenge the students further whilst adding an extra layer of interest and motivation.


Data management addresses the complexities of large-scale distributed data as is found in the world today. Graduates will have worked with large amounts of web-based data, and designed and analyzed a number of data searching and mining techniques and algorithms.


IT security prepares students to understand and combat threats to security in a rapidly changing world. More than any other major, it is important to keep up with the market evolution and to keep abreast of concepts and implementation techniques


Computer networksoffers grounding in current technology in use in Oman as well as the latest innovations across the world. Network technology, network management, internetworking, and wireless networking are all very relevant to the expansion of Oman today: combined with the concepts of network security make graduates of this major very useful to industry.






Word From HOD


IIt gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the Department of Information Technology, in the College of Applied Sciences, Ibri. The department is running Information Technology programs at the undergraduate level.

Information Technology is now – more than ever – an integral part of modern day technology putting an unprecedented effect on societies and individuals. Therefore, we aim at providing the country with professionally and academically distinguished graduates capable of harnessing the latest technology.


IT Department educates and develops students through technical programs in networking, security, software and data management that have strategic impact on CAS goals. Our program was designed to prepare students for a world coming in the interconnection of billions of computing entities. Our students are provided with an interdisciplinary learning experience that would help them develop workforce readiness skills and build a foundation for success in Information Technology-related careers. Our faculty is our core strength; together we can nurture

Academic excellence is the driver of all our activities.  I congratulate the team of faculty members and the students for their brilliant and original efforts. We strongly encourage innovation in research, in teaching and in service to the profession, the local community and industry. Our faculty and students are constantly striving to excel and to advance the state of the art in Information Technology. Our department is committed to focus on emerging world market needs and we equip our students with recent technologies.


Dr. Nawazish Naveed


Information Technology Department



Dr. Taher Omran Ahmed


Information Technology Department







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