Learning Resource Centre


The Learning Resource Centre at Ibri College of Applied Sciences plays a vital role in the educational reform initiative of the Ministry of Higher Education. The LRC’s primary goal is to enhance student learning. To achieve this goal, the LRC provides the College community with current materials and resources, access to the Internet for research and study, and educational technologies to promote a learner-centered environment. To date, considerable progress has been made in equipping the Centre of Specialization according to international standards.


The LRC Aims to:


Assist student and faculty to achieve learning and teaching excellence and support student and faculty development initiatives by utilizing an integrated learning approach and a computerised library management system. The LRC will strive to take full advantage of its information resources and technology in order to best serve the research needs of CAS-Ibri’s students and faculty.


LRC Mission:


To serve as an effective learning and research resource for users from inside the College and the local community, with the overall purpose of developing skills, expertise and knowledge.


The vision:


The development and enhancement of information resources that can best serve the needs of applied science research.


Main Values:


  • Achieving the highest levels of efficiency in supporting learning programs.

  • Collaboration and optimum cooperation in fulfilling society’s needs as well as the requirements of the learning environment.

  • Ongoing support of the efforts to cope with changes in each area of specialization.

  • Promote cooperation between other college centers.

  • Provide the necessary resources for scientific research.

  • Support the academic curriculum by providing the necessary learning resources.

  • Help CAS-Ibri’s students and faculty manage the rapidly expanding world or technology and information.

  • Develop the research skills of CAS-Ibri’s students.

  • Provide a platform for faculty members to exchange experiences and cooperate with other staff to diversify and enrich their teaching methods.

  • Encourage self-learning and meet the needs of individual differences.

  • Promotion of creativity and freedom in expressing constructive ideas.


LRC Opening Hours in Term


  • Sunday to Wednesday 7:30 am to 8:00 pm.

  • Thursday 7:30 am to 3:00 pm.

  • Closed on Friday, Saturday, and Official Holidays.


The LRC is used by all the students and collede faculty . Members of the local community can also use the LRC’s Services.




LRC users can be trained in the following skills:




Also, at the beginning of each semester, there are a number of training courses that are open to to all students and faculty. An induction week is arranged each year for those new to the college (students, teachers, staff, etc).


LRC user Responsibilities


  • Treat the LRC staff with respect (this applies to all the LRC).

  • Be patient with staff and students while in line at Information Desk.

  • Work and study quietly so that others may study without distraction.

  • set all electronic communications devices such as mobile phone in silent mode before entering the LRC.

  • Do not bring food or drinks into the LRC or labs.

  • Please...do not leave discarded  papers or material on the tables or student carrels .

  • Return books and study materials on the time so that other students and faculty can borrow or use them.

  • Clear your table and put the chair back in its proper place when leaving the LRC.

  • Please...keep the bookshelves neat so that others may find the materials they need.

  • Students should be aware that all LRC corridors are equipped with cameras.

  • Smoking is prohibited in the Learning Resource Center building


LRC Units


There are three departments in the LRC: Computer Dep, Educational Technology Dep and the Library Dep.


The Foyer

TheFoyer at  the LRC houses the information desk,library catalog, library collection, the student and teachers carrels and study tables. Staff at the information desk provides information services with a computerized library management system and RFID system. The library collection includes the Main Circulation Collection, the Reserve Collection and a Reference Collection in both printed and electronic format.



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