Library Department






The library is affiliated with the Learning Resource Centre which is under the Office of the Assistant Dean for Academic Support Affairs.


The Scope of the Library’s Services:


-    The Deanship


-    Academic departments


-    Academic support departments


-    Administration and Finance


-    College students


-    The community





The library staff is in charge of carrying out the library’s work policy.




The library’s goal is to provide various sources of information and facilitate their use in a suitable atmosphere. The library staff will give necessary guidance, supervision and training.


1. Working Hours


The library working hours are as follows:


·         During academic semesters:


-          Sunday to Wednesday:  7 a.m. to 8 p.m.


-          Thursday: 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. (One staff member will stay until 3 p.m.)


·         During the summer holiday and exam weeks: 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. (i.e. the College’s official working hours)



2.  Intentional Damaging of Library materials:


·         Print materials:


The detrimental use of library print materials (such as ripping out, cutting off and highlighting) is considered as intentional damaging of library materials and ,therefore, against library regulations. 



·         Electronic Resources:


The intentional damaging of any kind of electronic resources (such as CD’s and/or any other audiovisual materials) in such a way that it becomes difficult to use them afterwards, is considered as intentional damaging of library materials.


·         Library facilities 


It consists in any act of destruction or mutilation; such as writing on the library furniture, walls or equipments.


Anyone who witnesses any act of intentional damaging must immediately report to the library officer. Library users are responsible for any loss or damaging of library materials at their disposal. In such an event, they must pay the full price of the lost or damaged material plus 15% of its value. Moreover, they may be subject to disciplinary procedures.


3.      Stealing and mutilation 


It is forbidden to take away any library material unless it has been borrowed through the official channels. Any damaging, mutilation or stealing of any library material is considered as a serious offense that incurs disciplinary action from the Deanship. The library administration, in this case, writes a detailed report about the offense and sends it to the Dean along with the damaged material.


4.      Prohibited Behaviours


The following behaviours are prohibited in the library:


·         Smoking


·         Eating and drinking


·         Making noise


·         Using prohibited areas


5.      Using library computers


Library computers are constantly available for immediate use. They consist of two computers for boys and two for girls. Their use is restricted to library index searching and self-issue.


The library staff are available during official work hours at the circulation deskfor any assistance. The LRC administration urges users who need more training in the area to fix an appointment with the library director any time during the semester. The kind of assistance provided will depend on the user’s specific needs.


6.      Powers of the Library Staff


In case of any offense, the library staff are allowed to report to the LRC management.


Loan Policy


1.      Beneficiaries of the Library


·         Students (the library’s main users)


·         Faculty members


·         All College staff (academic support and admin)


·         Guests, researchers and students from other institutions provided they present a verification from their own institutions.


Users must show either a student card or their own institution’s identification card. A visitors’ register will be made soon and will include information based of the visitors’ identification cards and the verifications.


2. Types of Loans


There are two types of loans:


-     The whole-semester loan: students are allowed to borrow, for a whole semester, textbooks  as well as the books listed in their course descriptions.


-    The regular loan: library users are allowed to borrow books and references for a maximum period of two weeks, non-renewable.


-   Using library materials that cannot be borrowed


·    Reserving books


A student can borrow a book that has been reserved for an academic course provided that s/he uses it on campus. 


·  Audiovisual materials


CD’s annexed to books are subject to the same book loan regulations.


·  References


The references include encyclopaedias, dictionaries, maps, atlases, manuscripts, theses, rare books, etc. These are available in the reference room and cannot be lent to any user except for the purpose of photocopying, in which case the user cannot keep any item for more than two hours.



3- Loan Duration


The loan of books is calculated on the basis of normal working days—excluding academic, religious, national and Eid holidays—in accordance with the academic calendar, as follows:


·     One semester for Academic staff


·     Two weeks for academic support staff and administrators


·     Two weeks for students.


·     Two Weeks for the outside community


4- The maximum loan:


Users are allowed to borrow Library materials as follows:


·    15 books for Academics


·    5 books for students


·    5 books for non-academics, administrators and the outside community


5- Fines


·         A fine is a fee imposed on the beneficiaries who exceeded the book-return deadline.


·         The fine for each day of delay per book is 200 Baisa.


·         The fine for whole-semester loansis one Riyal per overdue item. A maximum of three Riyals must be paid for all overdue items.


·         The Librarian can exempt the beneficiary from paying an overdue fine in case of an emergency, such as being sick or the death of a relative.  In such an event, a verification must be provided.


·         Fines are issued by the Librarian and the payment should be made to the Finance Department in the college. Once the payment has been made, the beneficiary must give the receipt to the librarian.


·         The  beneficiary cannot borrow any Library materials in case s/he has not paid overdue fines. Failure to pay library fines may even lead to preventing the student from registration.


6- Lost items:


·         An article is considered missing in case it has been declared lost by the beneficiary, or has not been returned before the deadline.


·         The beneficiary must pay the a fine equaling the price of the lost article, as per relevant Library custody records and/or the electronic library system, along with 15% of the value of the article (administrative and technical fees).


·         The fine must be paid at the Finance Department in the College.


·         The beneficiary receives a receipt of the paid fine.


·         Once the fine has been paid, a lost-and-found article cannot be returned.


·         The beneficiary is allowed replace a lost article with a new one on the condition that the title, author and publisher are the same.


7- Damaged Materials


Library materials are considered damaged in the following circumstances:


·    If any pages become so wet  that the reader is unable to clearly see the content.


·    If any pages are torn out.


·    If handwriting has been found on any pages.


In terms of fines, the damaged books are treated in the same way as lost ones.


8- Clearance:


·   Graduate students must do a final check of their final records to ensure that they have returned all library materials and paid all overdue fines.


·  All academic and non-academic staff members who are resigning, retiring or reaching the end of their contracts, must check their library records to ensure that they returned all library materials and paid all overdue fines.  


·  The beneficiary’s records are kept with the library until the clearance procedures have been finalized.


9- The Photocopy service;


The photocopy service is available to all beneficiaries at the reference room for a maximum of 5 pages per user.



Responsibility of Beneficiaries


#  Using another student’s card:It is not allowed for any beneficiary to let any other person use their card for borrowing purposes. Borrowed library materials are the responsibility of the card holder until returned to the library.


#  Preservation of library materials:it is strictly forbidden to deliberately cut, distort, damage or retain any library materials .


#  Fire Alarm:all users must vacate the library building on hearing the fire alarm, accompanied by personal belongings only.





Library staff data

 Qualificationالموهل الدراسي

 Positionالمسمي الوظيفي

 Emailالبريد الالكتروني


Name الاسم

بكالوريوس مكتبات  ووثائق

Bachelors degree of library and archive

ماجستير في علم المكتبات والمعلومات

Master  degree  of library and information sciences

رئيس قسم المكتبة

Hid of library department

قسم المكتبة

Library department

ياسر بن حمود بن عبدالله العلوي

Yasir Hamood Abdullah


بكالوريوس مكتبات  ووثائق

Bachelors degree of library and archive

ماجستير في علم  المكتبات المعلومات

Master  degree of library and information sciences

اخصائي مصادر تعلم أول

First learning Resource Specialist

قسم المكتبة

Library department

عفراء بنت حمد بن زهران الحاتمي

Afraa Hamed Zahran AL-Hatmi

ليسانس مكتبات ووثائق

Bachelors degree of library and archive

اخصائي مصادر تعلم أول

First learning Resource Specialist

قسم المكتبة

Library department

أمل بنت عوض بن خميس العلوي

Amal  Awadh khamis


بكالوريوس مكتبات  ووثائق

Bachelors degree of library and archive

اخصائي مصادر تعلم  أول  

First learning Resource Specialist

قسم المكتبة

Library department

محفوظة بنت راشد بن سالم  الفارسية

Mahfoudha Rashid Salim Rashid  AL-Farsi

بكالوريوس علم المكتبات والمعلومات

Bachelor  degree  of Library and Information Science

ماجستير تكنولوجيا التعليم

Master  degree  of Education Technology

أخصائي مصادر تعلم ثاني

Second learning Resource Specialist

قسم المكتبة

Library department


ماجد مسعود نجيب الزيدي

Majid Masooud Najeeb AL-Zidi