The College of Applied Sciences Ibri (CAS-Ibri) was the first among the six colleges of Applied Sciences to be audited by the OAAA. The first stage of institutional accreditation, the quality Audit, commenced for CAS-Ibri in March 2008.

During this initial stage, CAS-Ibri formed, as per the OAAA manual, a steering committee of QA and nine subsidiary committees, all of which worked to prepare the self-study portfolio. Between April 2008 and December 2008, four drafts were produced. Then, in January 2009, CAS-Ibri submitted its portfolio to the OAAA.

At the OAAA level, an external review was conducted by a panel of experts from around the world as well as representatives from the Higher Education sector in Oman.

The Audit visit by OAAA took place between 3-5 May 2009. The Quality Audit Report was published by the OAAA on May, 1 2010.

The Senior Management of the College was commended for successfully managing the transition from the College of Education to the College of Applied Sciences.

CAS-Ibri was also commended for its community services activities, IT facilities, the range of publications for external communication, and the training given to staff. In particular, the report highlighted CAS-Ibri’s efforts to provide its staff with English-language training that would enable them to perform their work more effectively.

The report also praised the efforts of CAS-Ibri in the areas of E-learning, financial management, student departmental committees. Finally, CAS-Ibri was commended for creating departments with clearly demarcated roles that would not overlap.

The report recommended that CAS-Ibri develop sufficient autonomy on key issues that the ministerial policies permit. The OAAA has recommended that CAS-Ibri implement a comprehensive strategy to collaborate with local industries. Also, CAS-Ibri should develop effective ways to promote student engagement, knowledge transfer, and student employability. The OAAA also discussed the need for a comprehensive assessment policy that is consistent between departments and an overall plagiarism policy that is monitored and disseminated effectively. The OAAA report highlighted that CAS would need to have a research policy in line with the strategic plan for the Colleges.

 By 2014, CAS- Ibri will undergo the second stage in the process for institutional accreditation, which will involve a summative assessment of the institution against national standards. If the standards are met, then the institution will become fully accredited.


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