The Department of Scheduling and Examinations. It specializes in the following:


  1. Preparation and implementation of College program schedules, and follow-up of any amendments thereunto.

  2. Completion of student registration in courses.

  3. Keeping record of postponed courses and low-success ones, and examination of the introduction of some postponed courses, in coordination with College academic departments and Center departments.

  4. Ensuring follow-up of the occupancy rates of classrooms, assessment of College needs in terms of classrooms and laboratories, and the calculation of classroom capacity.

  5. Preparing semester timetables, announcing them to students, and ensuring follow-up in coordination with the Ministry s relevant departments.

  6. Preparing examination schedules, verifying them with specialists in the Ministry, and assigning halls and invigilators for final exams, in collaboration with College academic departments.

  7. Participation in the administration of final exams, and follow-up of student absences.

  8. Announcing student final results upon approval by the College Council.

  9. Providing information on schedules and offered programs, and allocation of classrooms, in collaboration with College academic departments.

  10. Preparation of instructions and guidelines for exams and related procedures.

  11. Preparation of exam reports.

  12. Any other assigned duties.