Scheduling and Examination Section:
Prepare schedules :
1.     Inform heads of academic departments of limit offered courses in each semester, distribute them among academic staff members and send an approved list to the center.  
2.     Review lists according to the applicable plans and discuss them with HoDs.
3.     Make lists of offered courses in labs and halls based on each lecturer’s teaching load.
4.     Enter study timetables into SIS, review data entering and announce start of registration in arrangement with technical support team at the ministry.
Courses Registration:
1.     Prepare lists of courses and announce lists of specializations for different years to start registration.
2.     Organize registration process and follow up with add, drop and withdraw processes according to applicable bylaws.
3.     Check students’ registration process and contact with students who have problems with registration.  
4.      Follow up students who did not register in the specified period and students who are under probation.