Establishment of Student Advisory Council

According to the Ministerial Decision No. (71/2014) on  15th  October , 2014 , It has been decided to establish The student Advisory Councils in all higher education institutions in Oman.

Officially it must take place in all college of Applied Sciences by the beginning of next academic year 2015/2016. 
Student Advisory Councils committee:

located in : Ministry of Higher Education

headed by :Undersecretary of Ministry of Higher Education

1-Representative of Education Commission at State Council

2-Representative  of education  and scientific research at Shura Council

3-3epresentative of Education Board

4-Two heads of  governmental higher education institutions or their deputies

5-Two heads of  private   higher education institutions or their deputies

6-Two heads of student councils; one from governmental higher education institutions and one from private

  higher education institutions

7-A representative of Ministry of Higher Education who shall be a member and a Rapporteur.


Roles and Responsibilities of Student Advisory Council:

  • Supervise  all student advisory councils at the sultanate
  • Approve student advisory councils’ elections results
  • Study higher education institutions’ reports on student advisory councils
  • Follow-up formation of student advisory councils
  • Conduct studies and researches on related issues
  • Approve external participations of the student advisory councils
  • Prepare an annual report about student advisory council’s performance to the minister
  • Prepare the Council annual plan and submit it for approval
  • Take necessary decisions and make recommendations that are not conflict with initiations regulations
  • Represent students and institutions in international activities
  • Discuss administrative and financial reports.
  • Follow up the performance of the Council Office
  • Release a council member who committed a prohibited act
  • Discuss the Council budget 


Objectivs of Student Advisory Councils:

•      Develop learning and researching process and  improve services provided

•      Enhance transparency and constructive criticism among students

•      Develop true citizenship principles

•      Provide student  with fundamental principles of strengthening and developing one’s personality and team work spirit

•      Raise the level of student activities in all aspects

•      Embed volunteer work principles

•      Raise the level of intellectual, cultural, artistic, social and sporting life of students

Conditions of Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the council

•      Omani

•      successfully completed 45 credit hours for Diploma degree students, 60 credit hours for Bachelor degree students, 15 credit hours for postgraduate degree students 

•      Not designated in any administrative position in any student groups in the institution

Council Office: The student advisory council forms a council office headed by the council Chairman and membership of :

  • Council Vice-Chairman
  • Academic committee head
  • Student services committee head
  • Activities and Initiatives committee head
  • Council Secretariat 


Council membership:

•      Completed at least one semester with GPA not less than 2 for Bachelor degree student, 3 for master and PhD students.

•      Registered at least the minimum study load

•      Did not commit any prohibited act

Number of members in the Council:


Number of student in the institution

Number of members in the council


1500 or less






3001 or more












•      All students have the right to vote during elections and each student has only one voice

•      The election must be conducted in a time period within the first three weeks of the first semester of each academic year

•      The elections procedure is managed by the election committee which headed by one of assistant dean and membership of :

                  The dean, 2 academic staff, 2 staff from student services center, 4 students

Council budget: The council has its own budget which supervised by the council office


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