The Student Services Center is one of the Academic Support Centers at the College where the work is based on the student as the centre of the educational process. In continually striving to reach the highest levels of creativity, patient and hardworking people are required. The Student Services Center seeks to create an atmosphere and opportunities that promote student-centred activities and hobbies. Due to its role in the formation of their personality, the Center also takes care of the psychological and service side of the student until they graduate. The Student Services Center consists of two sections:


Student Activities Section

Student Services Section




  • To provide outstanding services to students.

  • To promote student work to the highest possible levels.

  • To enrich the cultural, social, artistic, scientific and sports activities of students.

  • To develop patriotism among students through dedication to their country and the Arab and Islamic nation.


  • To provide the proper environment for students to work for a better student life.

  • To mobilize student effort for more participation in student activities in all fields.

  • To push for more creativity and innovation among students.





  • To help the student develop a balanced and rich personality.

  • To develop Islamic behaviour and commendable manners among students and prepare them to bear the burdens of life.

  • To work for a closer relationship between student, faculty and college during their time as students and after graduation.

  • To help the student spend his/her free time doing useful activities.

  • To familiarize the student with social participation and develop relations between students.

  • To refine student skills and talents, develop student knowledge, and put students in touch with modern means of knowledge.

  • To follow up student issues and solve their problems; especially those that sometimes prevent them from achieving the required academic results.

  • To touch the students’ needs and provide necessary counselling services.

  • To support the academic side by raising the level of general services and developing the social, psychological and behavioural guidance services.