The university of Technology and Applied Sciences, Ibri, is proceeding forward in performing a vital role at various academic levels, Scientific Research and Community Service in a way that supports the process of sustainable development and contributes to achieving Oman Vision 2040. On the academic level, the 

university pays great attention to creating conditions and means to support the educational process by providing appropriate support and implementing academic activities such as the Annual Technical Festival and Academic-economic and Entrepreneurship Conferences, in addition to relevant academic seminars and workshops. Regarding the academic support, the university continues to hold forums, seminars, and activities supporting the academic process, including the Debate Forum and other extracurricular activities such as social, cultural and sport activities. In which, our students proved that they are capable of taking the lead in such activities. As such, they have demonstrated their proficiency and superiority in this aspect.


Regarding Scientific Research, the university has paid utmost importance to the development of scientific research skills for students and members of the academic staff alike, as it obtained funding for various kinds of research from the concerned authorities, and recorded a number of research participations on various occasions. In this respect for example, the University won, for the second time in a row, the National Award for Scientific Research in the Communication and Information Systems - Ph.D. category.


In consolidation of the University’s mission in developing the relationship and partnership with the community that contributes to the sustainable development and to fulfilling Oman Vision 2040, it has continued to implement its plans in providing and organizing community service programs for both the public and private sectors. In addition, the University is keen on continuing cooperation and partnership with community institutions which has developed over the past years by means of conducting joint festivals, holding academic, economic forums, utilizing cooperation programs and financing projects inside the university. Utmost thanks to all of such sectors for the continuous support.


At last, we extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation to the leadership of the University of Technology and Applied Sciences, for the continuous follow-up and support to all colleges. Sincere thanks and appreciation is also forwarded to the colleagues: academic, academic support and administrative members, for their sincere efforts and for working in a team spirit. Our appreciations also go to our students for their perseverance and continuous efforts. We trust that achievements and outcomes will continue and multiply in the future.


Peace, Mercy and Blessings of Allah be upon you.


Dr. Rashid bin Sayied bin Said al-Hanai